Here is more proof that Things Change if we keep working on it and things in the UK have changed a lot and are changing fast in the best possible way.
Over the past six months a small group of people including Dr Andrew Hill, David Crowley and other activists have been talking to doctors and people within the British Health Ministry about the importance and usefulness of generic Hep C treatment. They ah have shown the great advantage in the cost of using generic Harvoni and other generic treatments and also the effectiveness.
At the same time these same people have been bringing the issues surrounding Hep C treatment to the British news media and have succeeded in getting some serious news coverage on the issues. 
All this effort has brought about great results.
Six months ago it was almost impossible to get monitored by a hospital in the UK if you we treating with generics now here is the list of SIX major London hospitals which will monitor people who are taking generic DAAs to treat their Hep C, and also one in Cambridge and one in Exeter.
St Mary’s Paddington
Chelsea and Westminster
Dean Street Clinic
Royal Free hospital
Royal London
St Thomas hospital, Westminster 
Addenbrokes, Cambridge
Exeter Rd&E
So you see it only takes a few dedicated people to keep pushing, a couple of intelligent health professionals and  a bit of media attention and things start changing.
Once public and political awareness increases changes will happen.
So if you are in a country that prohibits the importation of generic Hep C meds try doing a bit of agitating.
Don’t rely on your so-call Hep C Advocacy groups, they are mostly pretty useless and most are getting big pay cheques from Big Pharma. Sad but true.
So you need to get a few dedicated people and stir up the news media. Do that and things will certainly change.
Good luck and if you want to do this please be assured that I will give you any assistance and support that I can.