27th August 2015
Did I sound a bit angry in my last post?
That’s because I was. I was angry because every day I get emails from people who are desperate to begin treatment with these new antiviral drugs  and they go to their doctor and the doctor refuses to write them a prescription.
Or their specialist sneers at them and asks,
“How do you know what is in these India drugs? How do you know they are safe?”
Asking that of people who have endured the hell of an Interferon treatment that did not cure them.
Asking that of people who are in constant pain because there is no treatment available to them.
Asking that of people who are either too healthy or two sick to qualify for access to trials with the news drugs.
Asking that of people who are afraid of dying before their children become adults or before their grandchildren are old enough to remember them.
That is why I am angry.
Conversely, at the same time there are numerous wonderful, enlightened liver clinics, liver specialists and doctors who are giving their patients using India generics full support and seeing those patients cured, viral loads disappear, liver functions return to normal, pain fade, energy return, health return.
What is in these Indian drugs? Hope, Health and Happiness.