I have, at times, found myself mired down by fear. What if the hepatitis c medications don’t work? What if my youngest son follows the wrong path through high school? What have I become, to have a great friend and his wife tell us to stay out of their lives? What will my future health hold for me? Will I die too soon? What does climate change mean for my boys, and for the future? What will be the ramifications of all these Middle Eastern and global wars?

That’s the short list. Fear sometimes blankets the landscape of my mind, and leaves me paralyzed, without a sense of control over what happens. The fear can get quite strong.

I practice meditation, prayer, inner seeking, sacred healing, and know the power they all can have, but they don’t always eradicate the fear. They can even heighten it.

The only way I know of to conquer fear, whether it be from illness or other life circumstances, is to address the fear head on.

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