OK. My gall bladder operation went very well. I was in and out of the operating room in 20 minutes.
Leaving the hospital was pretty funny -- me on wobbly legs. I don’t miss that feeling at all.

The doctor prescribed Percocet for pain, but I hated taking the tablets. They made me dizzy and stupid. I ended up flushing 20 of the 30 I got down the toilet. How the hell did I ever want to feel like that years ago??? Young and stupid, that’s why I have hep C now. If I could only go back in time...
The countdown for me to begin hep C treatment has been started again. It’s scheduled for 13 January 2012. That date also happens to be the 16th anniversary of my Father’s death. Clearly, this is not a coincidence -- he is still with me and helping me to get healthy again.

Looking forward to (finally) starting treatment (fingers crossed) getting great results.  Positive attitude is everything.
I will have a normal Christmas and start off the new year with something to look forward to.
Come back then and I will let everyone know how the first treatment went.
Merry Christmas and a Great New Year for everyone!!!