Here is a link to a short documentary made about my work helping people to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment. The documentary was made possible through a grant from the BERTHA FOUNDATION. The Bertha Foundation began in 2009 to fight for a more just world and supports activists who are working to bring about social and economic justice. It was a great honor for me to have my story chosen as a subject for one of their documentaries. I would particularly like to thank Mandakini Gahlot and Clément Gargoullaud for their incredible work in telling the story of the tragedy that is the global Hepatitis C epidemic.

It has been incredibly difficult to get the national and international media to give any attention to the international health crisis that is the Hepatitis C epidemic. This is largely because the same people who control Big Pharma also control or influence the companies that run the international news media.

For some reason, the needless deaths of over one million people from Hepatitis C every year is not considered newsworthy, nor is the fact that millions of people die simply because of the astounding greed of the big pharmaceutical companies.

Whilst my story provides the narrative thread in this documentary the real story is not about me but the fact that tens of millions of people are suffering and dying from a disease that can be easily and completely cured simply because they can not access affordable treatment. It is not that the Hepatitis C drugs are expensive to make (the actual cost of making a treatment is less than $50), it is simply that greed and manipulation of international patent laws prevents people from being able to buy Hepatitis C treatment at fair price.

Greg’s blog is reprinted with permission, and the views are entirely his.