You know how I feel about Gavin. I keep him under my ribcage where he’s lovingly sharing my life. It’s an incredible experience to be an organ recipient. In addition to extra years of life, there is the privilege of carrying another person’s future with you. Gavin’s life was cut short. I’m a spiritual person who believes in an eternal connection that supersedes everything we experience here on earth. In a supernatural way, medical science teamed up and made a tragedy into a miracle. 

I told you there were not enough words. Let me just plow right in with the fantastic news that we will be participating in several events in Pasadena California.

Holiday Getaway

Well, it actually starts before Christmas. Joe and I have been planning a little trip on the front end. We had early holidays with our family and headed to the hills. We just love to prepare for New Years Eve. We love it SO much that it was actually the way we fell in love. We met online and were talking about how we celebrated New Years and come to find out, I had met my Match. Literally and figuratively.

Every joy and adversity continue to draw us closer to finding our purpose here on earth. He completed 2 books this year and you can find them here. They deserve their own blog, but if you buy them, your first audio book is free right here. They’re the kind of books you can read right through, or you can open it up to any place and find a nugget of gold. It’s very affirming. Now you’ll know one of the reasons why I am so happy all the time. These books are our morning coffee chats. Anyway, we are going on another writer’s retreat. We’re staying in northern California for a week. THEN we will head to Pasadena.

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This entry was originally posted on I help C on December 19, 2021, and is reprinted with permission.