Wayne Coleman was known as “Superstar Billy Graham” in the professional wrestling world. He was training partners with former 2 term California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (who is the Godfather of his daughter Capella). Graham is a former WWF (now WWE) World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer and is a legendary figure in wrestling history.

His most famous protege is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and he also spawned the career of wrestling megastar Hulk Hogan.

Coleman was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in the 90’s and has already had a liver transplant due to the devastating effects of the disease. He just passed the 10 year mark on his new liver and it is now also in the cirrhosis stage which is the final stage of Hepatitis C and leads to death.

In this clip, Coleman protests Larry Shreve’s (know in wrestling as Abdullah the Butcher) induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and makes a plea to have his own name removed from the WWE Hall of Fame as he does not wish to be associated with Shreve. Shreve (who is also Hep C positive) assaulted Devon Nicholson with and unsanitary razor blade in a 2007 professional wrestling match and there is an ongoing lawsuit on the matter that is continuing forward.

This entry was originally published on December 22, 2012. Reprinted with permission.