The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) second national Hepatitis Testing Day is in two more days. The CDC’s campaign has an ingenious slogan--Know More Hepatitis with the term No More cleverly embedded. The message stresses that knowledge and awareness lead to action. In this case, “know more hepatitis” leads to “no more hepatitis.”

It is tempting to bemoan the fact that hepatitis programs are woefully underfunded; to complain about inadequate federal funding specifically for hepatitis and for health in general. However, concentrating on scarcity seems like a misuse of focus. Case in point, an oppressive Egyptian government was toppled with the use of social media. Lack of funding did not stop the Egyptian people from changing the world.


It is time to topple hepatitis C. No more hepatitis begins with know more hepatitis. We need to get the word out, whether you tell, tweet, email, blog, write, or shout it from the rooftops. Join the conversation - join the revolution. 

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