In our village hall on Friday nights we have a community film night. It is called Perry’s Pictures. Films have been shown on Friday nights in that hall for more than 80 years.
Tonight we watched “The Constant Gardener” based on the novel by John le Carre who based his novel on a true story about the outrageous, ruthless and criminal behaviour of Big Pharma in Africa during the AIDS epidemic.
Amongst other things the film deals with the issue of how Big Pharma buys the compliance of governments all around the world. How Big Pharma can corrupt and influence government policy and action.
The village hall is only a short walk from my house and when I got home I received the email below from a lady in Denmark.
Denmark, like many European nations, prohibits their citizens from importing generic Hep C meds from India.
Denmark also triages patients with Hep C so people need to have F3 or F4 to access treatment... to wait until their liver sustains major damage.
So in the case of the lady below, when she contacted me I organised for her meds to be sent to a volunteer in the UK and she flew over picked up the meds and took them home.
She is now cured but tens of thousands of Danes are still suffering from Hep C infect, their government will not supply the medicines to cure them and at the same time their government prevents them from buying their own treatment.
So is the Danish government corrupt or incompetent?
Maybe both!

Hi Greg
I am Z### from Denmark.
Remember me? I was so sick and you helped me get the medicines through your friend in the UK.
I have finished treatment 12 weeks ago. I’m healthy now. After 4 weeks there was no virus hepatitis C in the blood, but I kept taking all the tablets. The specialist doctor has been doing blood tests several times during these three months. He was very surprised because this drug from India has been performing well. He comes from India himself ( he was born in India). The specialist doctor said he did not have a patient who had bought the medicine from India. I’m the only patient in the island where I live with medications from India. Yesterday I was the last time in the hospital for the tests, and the doctor was happy with the result of this drug in India and said he was sorry that the system did not allow hepatitis C patients to import the medicine from India as much as possible in the UK. The doctor said he was not allowed to report officially to the health ministry about my recovery. It´s illegal.
About me: ’The drug did NOT give any side effects. Nothing. Since the first few days I felt I had no more headaches, bone pain, vomiting, etc. ... so the medicine was working. Now I feel like a newborn baby. I have not hepatitis C virus in my body. I can sleep well. I am very positive and full of energy now.
I want to thank you for the soul. I’m very glad that there are people in this world like you and K## from the UK.
Thanks to you, I’m healthy now. I can´t find words to thank you.
A month ago I spoke to a Romanian woman who has virus hepatitis C. I told her about the help I received from you and I recommended her to trust and write about her situation by email.
If I’m going to meet sick people I’ll talk about you.
I wish you much health and happiness in your soul. I hope God will bring you all the joys every day.
I hope you will write about me on your blog, so everybody must know about the health system in Denmark, but please : don´t use my really name, I am afraid for the system.
Best regards