I’m feeling amazingly fine.  About 18 hours after the injection, I feel flu-like symptoms for about 10  to  12 hours and, after that, I’m fine.
A friend of mine started his treatments and ended up quitting because he was so sick all the time.  He said he was amazed at how little this is affecting me.  That being said, I’m not stupid enough to think it’ll be like this throughout the next 22 weeks. 
I have always had a quick temper and, if its possible, its even quicker now. I have to try very, very hard to keep my cool because I am worried about my son.
I finally told my sister about having hep C and she was amazingly fine with it.  She is extremely naive about what it is and how you get infected with it. She went on the internet (you know those informative sites that just can’t be wrong) and asked if I had AIDS too because that’s what that site told her, the two diseases go hand in hand, you don’t get one without the other.  I had a hard time convincing her otherwise.  I did get tested for both, only hep C showed up.
She did give me shit about telling my 12 year old son that I am going through treatments.  Again, he doesn’t know what it is called or how it was contracted and that’s fine.  I still believe he HAD to know there was something going on.  He is quite intelligent so he’d be able to pick up on it.  Kids are pretty smart that way.  It keeps him in the loop and lets him know he is very important to me.  I totally disagree with her there.
I do have some shortness of breath when I climb the stairs but that can be attributed to being a smoker too. 
A rash about 2 inches in diameter around the injection site again.  Takes about 3 to 4 days to show up.  At first I didn’t think I did the injection right but, then those flu symptoms showed up and I knew I did it right LOL.
I am extremely tired most of the time and sleep through the night with no problem. 
On to week 3!