sleeping-with-hepatitis-c-300x208.jpgYou’re getting very sleepy. You’re eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. You feel your arms and legs begin to relax. Your thoughts begin to drift off toward dreamland as your head sinks deeper into the pillow. BAM! You’re awake again. You felt an itch on your nose or your bladder nudged you out of your peaceful slumber. It’s over for a while. You may as well get up and go sit in front of the television or the computer screen. If you just lay there tossing and turning, it is frustrating. But you’re so very tired and sleepy.

When you have Hepatitis C, there are many things that can create a state of insomnia. Sleep reversal pattern can keep you from going into the deep dream sleep. Cirrhosis and liver disease itself can lend to hepatic encephalopathy, which is another cause of sleep disturbances. Being wide awake and tired creates mental anxiety which leads to an even more agitated state. You toss and turn all night and then fall asleep at a drop of the hat during the day. There could be a room full of noisy kids with a television blaring and I would be drooling on the sofa. But at night? Yep. Eyes wide open.

Lack of sleep can add to the problems that you are already facing. We human beings need sleep! It can restore us physically and mentally. Our body conserves energy and is believed to heal and repair itself as a result of sleep. Let’s face it, we just get tired. Who doesn’t feel better after a good nights rest, or feel worse if it is impossible to get it?

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