20th July 2015
Another person who I helped get their generic Sof/Rib meds from India just got the results of their 4 week blood test. The LFT results were all great and her viral load is down from the 3,500,00 level to <1 below=“” one=“” and=“” yet=“” people=“” in=“” australia=“” other=“” parts=“” of=“” the=“” world=“” are=“” still=“” being=“” given=“” interferon=“” ribavirin=“” treatment=“” with=“” all=“” its=“” terrible=“” side=“” effects=“” meeting=“” resistance=“” from=“” their=“” gps=“” when=“” they=“” ask=“” for=“” a=“” prescription=“” this=“” even=“” though=“” i=“” now=“” get=“” referred=“” to=“” me=“” by=“” specialists=“” help=“” getting=“” generic=“” sofosbuvir=“” india=“” why=“” just=“” so=“” simple=“” cured=“” div=“”>
In Tasmania alone there are at least 15 people now using the Indian generics to treat their Hep C.
As for me... well I’m past the 8 week mark on my treatment and it’s the time that everyone warned me as being when the Ribavirin side effects would become most obvious. So how am I feeling?
Well it’s a weird convergence of things. The drama with Western Union freaked me out much more than it should have. It made me feel a slight, enduring panic, a slight feeling of confusion that is very uncharacteristic of me. 
I was really annoyed at what Western Union did. We had worked out a very good procedure that enabled fast and efficient dispatch of medicines at minimum cost. Now we have to create a new system which will be more expensive and slower, not a lot more expensive and not a lot slower so it’s not that big a drama but my mental and emotional reaction to it was too much.
I am pretty sure that is the Ribavirin. 
Some people call it Riba Rage... it has not been that severe for me but the level of agitation I feel is quite noticeable now, where it was not a week ago. Perhaps the Western Union incident acted as a trigger or perhaps I am spending too much time working on the whole Hep C thing or perhaps I just hit the 8 week mark and exploded like people warned me might happen???
Tomorrow I will take a couple of days off and go up into the mountains for a bit of prospecting and gold panning, that should clear the Riba Rage....
And just one more thing. Beware of scams, there are a lot floating around at the moment as the buzz about the arrival of generic Harvoni and the other new drugs increases. Do your homework. Check with someone you can trust. If you are unsure about prices or anything feel free to email me. I get at least two or three emails every day from someone who has been ripped off or is being offered what is clearly a scam. There are genuine and reputable mail order pharmacies out there but there are also lots of crooks. Be sure of who you are dealing with.