4th February 2016
I get four or five email like this nice little email, below, every day now. It is indicative of the effect of people taking control of their own lives and their own health and getting results.
Hi Greg,
I thought I would let you know treatment progress with Ledifos.
Genotype 1a, Fibroscan 13.9 kPa F3-F4. HCV RNA 188,000 prior to commencing treatment.

7 Jan, 2 weeks after commencing treatment, HCV RNA not detected and liver function within normal range.
21 Jan, 4 weeks HCV RNA not detected.

My specialist was a bit surprised and I was very happy that I responded to treatment so quickly.
I am very grateful to you for assisting me to source affordable meds. I plan to return the unused Ribarvirin to you when I travel to Australia on 4th March.

Many thanks and best regards,

As I said above these results are coming in everyday now. To be honest I have had, in the last 6 months, only one person contact me to say that they had relapsed. This was a guy from the USA who had Genotype 1 and decided to take the gamble of a cure just using Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin. He new he had about a 70% chance of a cure and flew to India himself on those odds.
He did a 12 week treatment and, sadly, the virus was not totally removed and he relapsed at 12 weeks out from the end of treatment.
He now plans to return to India and do the treatment again with generic Harvoni.
That is the only story of a relapse from a person using a generic Hep C treatment I have received as of today.
Proposed EASL Generic Treatment of Hepatitis C Paper: Help Requested
On the subject of Hep C generic treatment results Dr James Freeman is putting together a paper for this year’s EASL conference (EASL = European Association for the Study of the Liver).
He is trying to gather together as many treatment results from people who have treated their Hep C with generic DAAs from India, China or Australia.
What he needs is a copy of your pre-treatment viral load and your post-treatment viral load. It does not have to be SVR 12. It can be any viral load test done after your treatment ended. It can be the day after or the week after.
He would also like to know which drug combination you used to treat your Hepatitis C and what genotype you had and duration of treatment.
Also your age and gender.
So in summary
Copies of viral load reports
Medication used
Treatment duration
If you would kindly email this to me I will be assisting Dr Freeman with this project and will forward your data on to him.