In observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month, in May I am posting to this blog daily, suggesting ways to help raise awareness about issues surrounding hepatitis C.
Hepatitis awareness wristbands and ribbons are great conversation starters. The combination red and yellow is the traditional hepatitis awareness colors, but sometimes only red is used. I seem to have acquired one that is red and blue. Regardless, wear a hepatitis awareness wrist band for the month of May, and you will likely teach quite a few people you meet about hepatitis C.

To find a band, do an internet search of “hepatitis awareness wristband.” Although this is not an endorsement, at Funding for a Cause, you can buy 50 red/yellow bands for $16 plus shipping. You can pass these out friends and family. Another more expensive, but top-notch company that sells custom wristbands is Be sure to apply the discount code listed at the top.