A lot happened today and it is very interesting to to notice the tide is slowly beginning to turn in favor of generics.
Amazingly the President of EASL issued a statement discussing the importance of generics and making them accessible to people with Hepatitis C
Of course today is The Day, the day that James Freeman will present his paper on the treatment results of more than 480 Hepatitis C patients treated with generic Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs).
These patients have all completed treatment and are a true cross section of the Hep C infected population with all genotypes represented and at all stages of infection and liver health. All genders and ages are represented with significant numbers from every continent on Earth.
I should also make clear that these are only the patients who have provided their lab data from pre-treatment to post treatment. It does not include the many hundreds of people, like for example from the UK and Ireland, where they had problems getting their doctors to hand over copies of test results. It does not include people who were told by their doctors that they were clear but had no lab reports to back it up and so on.
It only includes data where the patient has official pre-treatment data and post treatment data.
Importantly it includes data from all generic DAA sources. From people who did their treatment with Twinvir or Darvoni from Bangladesh, with licensed Indian generics, with generics compounded in Australia from APIs from China and also from people who imported APIs from China direct and made them into doses themselves.
What were the results?
It did not matter if a person treated their Hep C with generics from Bangladesh, Australia, India or China the results were exactly the same as if they had used the branded DAAs, Sofosbuvir or Ledipasvir from Gilead or Bristol Myer Squib’s Daclatasvir.
There was no difference at all, the cure rates were exactly the same, the relapse rates were the same, the side effects were the same.
And all the fear campaigns that have been waged by Big Pharma and its many pawns and minions across the medical world and by the so called “Hep C Advocate” organisations have been shown up to be the veil of lies and deception that most of us knew them to be from the start.
Today, the 16th of April 2016, marks a pivotal moment in the lives of the 150 million people around the world with Hepatitis C whose governments or medical institutions have been blocking their access to generic treatment.
Today is the day when there is inarguable proof that generics are as effective and as safe as the branded versions and there is no reason why any doctor or medical institution should deny assistance to a patient who wishes to use them.
Indeed I would go so far as to say that the patient of any doctor who refuses to write a prescription for generic treatment should sue that doctor for gross professional negligence, because that is what it is.