18th October 2015
Well my days off were great. After my off track walk in the mountains I went down to the coast and went fossicking for semi-precious gemstones amongst the wave washed pebbles on the beaches there. The surf was huge and wild and the air and roar of the waves was invigorating.
Then the long drive home with a wonderful break to visit my son, daughter-in-law and 10 month old grandson. A year ago I thought that there was a chance that I would not live long enough to see my grandson reach manhood but now I’m not worried about that at all. I love being “Poppy” and watching the little rascal growing every day. Thanks to India, thanks to generic medicines and thanks to the fact I did not listen to the pompous specialists at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney who advised me to wait until the meds came on the PBS. 
Who are still advising people to wait.
Who rely on the big money from Big Pharma for their personal research projects. Who get taken to lunch by the drug company representatives. Who think that they have a right to withhold information from their patients. 
An email from a correspondent of his experiences at St Vincent’s in Sydney.
I am going to see Dr D....., the specialist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney and I am pretty sure that he won’t write a script, he’s a bit aloof and doesn’t like to tell me details of test results etc - eg last visit I asked him what my viral load is and he responded he didn’t like to tell patients as it is not indicative of disease progression. Will ask him for a script and all necessaries anyway and if he won’t help I’m considering either internet Dr (in tassie) or taking a trip to India.
Another one from St Vincent’s in Sydney (I should make clear here that St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne has the exact opposite approach and is praised universally by all patients who write to me of their wonderful experiences with the Specialists there.)
Hi Greg,
I have had great results after only 8 days of using the meds.
All my liver functions are now back to normal. 
I have not done the viral load yet, next week I’m due for another blood test so might ask the nurse to include that test.
St. Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney) have been really horrible so I moved to Prince of Wales under the care of the Head Nurse  who is really wonderful.
She mentioned she had been in contact with you.....
I have found it dumbfounding that some medical people (such as at St Vincent’s in Sydney) are actually deterring people from seeking help. Makes me wonder who they truly are? 
Why would you tell people who might have months to live, or scheduled for liver transplant, to wait for 6 months or more when the cure is available now? Dumbfounding!
So we come up again against the problem of arrogant doctors who think that they have some innate superiority over their patients that entitles them to disregard the wishes and needs of their patients whilst they, the specialists, pursue their own agendas, usually connected to advancing their careers and/or professional reputation.
The primary role of a doctor is to get their patients healthy. They work for the patient. They are employed by the patient. A doctor is no different from a plumber or a mechanic. The patient employs the doctor to fix a problem, that is the beginning and end of the story.
Somehow, over the years, some members of the medical profession have somehow elevated themselves into some form of social elite. The huge money that they earn has helped in this process.
The question is are these doctors “earning” or “deserving” these huge incomes if they are not doing what is best for their patients, not saving their lives, not making them healthy. But if they are not doing that then what use are they? If they are standing in the way of people getting cured, preventing people getting healthy again, then what use are they?
What are their agendas? Who are they really working for?
I wonder how many dollars in research grants  and other little inducements flow from Gilead or Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy compliance from doctors. I wonder how many millions of dollars in grant money flows to these “anti-generic” research doctors from the big drug companies and if that money has influenced their position on generic Hep C drugs? 
I wonder?
That said I must also say that there are many fantastic specialists who now routinely suggest that their patients use or acquire generic Hepatitis C medicines. None that I know of in Sydney or Brisbane but plenty everywhere else.
I hope this will change as the hundreds of people getting cured now using these generic treatments becomes thousands and even the most skeptical doctors will have to acknowledge the effectiveness of this form of Hep C treatment.
I would like to end today’s rant with an amusing but thought provoking email I received today from a friend who is about to start his treatment using Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir APIs from Mesochem:
Hi Greg
I am going in for pre-treatment tests next week and then I am going to start. My wife is playing my devil’s advocate about me starting the generic treatment so I challenged her to find just ONE negative comment anywhere online about Mesochem products that came directly from the company. 
She found none. 
She did, however, find a great deal of concern on the Gilead shareholders’ website about Mesochem.
Greedy lot there.
Thanks for your time and guidance