Today I received two emails that follow the reoccurring theme of corporate greed and what happens when profit becomes the driving force behind medicine.

One person told me how she asked for a copy of the prescription for Harvoni from her doctor, which he had written so she could apply for treatment through her insurance. The treatment was denied by the insurance company because “she was not sick enough”.

But with three young children this lady is feeling the fatigue and general exhaustion that is common to Hep C sufferers and she just wanted to be clear of Hep C and all its debilitating effects.

She wanted a copy of the prescription as part of the paperwork for me to organize generic Harvoni for her.

But her doctor refused to give her a copy!

So no support from her doctor and no support from her insurance company.


I called my doctor’s office this morning to get a copy of my RX or a new prescription. They asked why, when I told them it was for an out of the country order they put me on hold until the call dropped out and now they won’t return my messages. So let’s just move forward without his prescription and without his blessings.

I have enclosed everything needed...blood work stating Hep C type 1A, fibroscan, insurance denial letter, and my info along with payment details. Let me know if you can open the files and if you need any more information from me. Let me know that everything has gone though.

Thank you for your help


The second person who wrote to me was granted treatment with Harvoni by his health insurance and he received his first bottle of 28 Harvoni pills but then, without warning, his insurance company contacted him and told him that the treatment was withdrawn and he would get no more Harvoni. No reason given.

Hi Greg

So after I last wrote to you a while back my Insurence approved harvonie for me and I’m now nearly one month into treatment. Now all of a sudden something is wrong with my insurance policy and they will not give me more medicine. So now I can’t get the rest of my refills. I have only 8 pills left so I will run out next week and I have only done 4 weeks treatment. Will it affect the outcome of the treatment if I run out and then order from you and start it agin? I’m so bummed. What can I do?



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