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My Hep-C Cure was a Bargain. Insurance, Govt and other Payers at Blame for Refusing to Treat.

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hello everybody... I would like to thank Dr mapipa for curing my father of Parkinson and hepatitis b. my father was deteriorating on his Parkinson's and hepatitis b for 11 years before he started dr mapipa herbal medicine treatment. He has been on it for one months but already fully recovered from Parkinson and totally free from hepatitis b. Has gained 3 kilos and can sleep all night. Earlier he was getting up 10 times every night and just couldn’t sleep. I am happy to be one of the testim

October 5, 2016 usa

andrew j

They are a business, I guess, so will try to extract every dollar they can out of their product(s). Humanity, concern - and compassion? These are something else?! ... On the upside, the free market thrives on competition, and that will inevitably drive prices down. There is such a thing as a reasonable price.

October 4, 2016 New Zealand


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