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Just wondering if you have started treatment and wondering how you are feeling. My husband had alot of fatigue and nausea when he was on his treatments. He could still work, but it was exhausting. Hang in there :) Kristi

November 18, 2011

Stewart Frederick

Got Gall Bladder out and I healed up and felt great! Except for some dietary changes. My girlfriend was a no red meat or pork type of vegatarian so it was an easy transistion to a healthy diet anyway. Got Hepatitis C - in Marines acute onset ~1978. Got diagnosed in real world in ~1995. Tried Alfa Interferon for 18 months, got bad rash. did not get SVR ~1996 Non-responder NOW ON Triple Med regimen of Pegsus,Ribavirin, and bada bing bada boom VIKTRELIS / BOCEPREVIR. Why does it have two names, idunno. Heres my alarms for med times 7am 3pm 7pm 11pm. Take the shot of PegInteferon at 7pm on Fridays. This is an easy schedule to adhere to. Also remember you should have a stack of Rx's for blood work every so often. I have them taped to my calender and marked. The Schedule with Symbol for each medication is marked "V", "R", "P" and my scheduled other medications I have spaced out to the 8 x 8 X 8 schedule way before I started the chemo. I have some good intuition when its time from alot of practice. If you think this is lame, and your sharp as a tack and can do this without organized pill containers than you will probably reget when things get messed up and you are thrown for a loop like waking up from a car accident. Now anyone with feelings about Procrit managment of RBC Hemoglobin levels? Wish you all GOD speed and good luck, I paid it forward and did the time. Now I got a chance to beat this thing maybe. Sure hope so, looks like I am going the distance predicted 48 weeks, auugh.

October 24, 2011


Ill be following this blog. Good luck.

October 1, 2011


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