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More to Ponder in Hepatitis C Land

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Lucinda Porter

David, I am not sure where you got your information, but the opposite is true. The evidence shows that treatment is much more likely to save your liver and your life. However, hep C treatment does not cure cirrhosis - it only cures the virus. People who already had cirrhosis are still at risk for liver cancer and liver failure. The problem with this is that many thought they were cured, did not follow-up on their cirrhosis and unfortunately, did not get medical treatment in time.

January 17, 2018 CA


After reading this about half the people getting liver disease after the HEP C . cure ,,, ,I am now wondering if I made a mistake three weeks into HARVONI medicine ... ,I should probably stop taking the HARVONI to avoid getting liver problems ... The exact reason I am taking this liver killer HARVONI ...

January 10, 2018


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