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Persevering Through Hepatitis C Treatment and Recovery

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Hi Mary, It's always good to find out the side effects, but Harvoni is one of the best Hep C treatments. Treatments have improved greatly over the years. Don't be afraid to do this, you will do fine. Majority of patients have very little to no side effects. Some patients have reported even feeling better in the short time of treatment. The only way to get beyond Hep C is to go through treatment and get cured. You can do this my friend. Do it, so you live a better quality of life, it's worth it!

September 23, 2017

Lucinda Porter, RN

Many of us (me included), had an easy time with little or no side effects. People who already have cirrhosis may have a harder time, and it is hard to sort out what is from cirrhosis and what is from medication. I feel great and there's a huge freedom now that I am not carrying this potentially life threatening virus. More people die from hep C than all 60 infectious diseases combine. That motivated me to get cured. The Hep Forum is a great place to get support:

September 22, 2017


Can anyone tell me about the side effects and how bad they are please.

September 22, 2017 Texas


I was diagnosed with hep c in 2001, I just recently got approved for Harvoni , I haven't started my treatment yet, honestly I'm scared to because I read that one of the side effects is that my heart rate could slow down and I could die, I have anxiety on top of that which makes it even worse because taking medication scares me to death, I was taking meds for anxiety but I can't handle the side effects of the meds, so I stopped talking them. I've just been dealing with my anxiety on my own.

September 22, 2017 Texas


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