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Opening Doors to the Latest Hepatitis C Drugs

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Lucinda K. Porter, RN

Sadly, we just don't know. You make a strong case, and perhaps your doctors and insurance company will support your wishes. Keep in the back of your mind that should they override your wishes, that we anticipate some really great treatments out by the end of this year, ones that have high cure rates and minimal side effects, so don't give in to despair. Keep in touch.

March 29, 2014

midge battelle

Hi Lucinda. My name is Midge Battelle and i hai fro Provincetown Ma. i just found yout blog at the hep-mag site. i have treatment question for you relating to treatment . i am on the Olysio/Sovaldi protocol for 12 weeks. i began treat meant with VL at 750,000. in first two weeks my VL dropped radically to 200, and my art/alt went almost to the normal range. second two weeks(4th week) VL dropped again to 125 and art/alt went to total normal range. i had had minimal side effects, almost non. my energy has returned in a way i haven't felt in years. my question is this...after the 4th week news my doctors are questioning if i should remain on the treatment because at end of 4th week i am not's such a new treatment and being prescribed "off label" how long one can remain on the treatment if the efficacy is below where it is considered to be working. i feel definitely it is working and i feel better than i have in i wait, and will continue on treatment until otherwise notified. do you anything at all about this to where information can be found? than ks for anything you can find. cheers, Midge

March 29, 2014


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