I have hepatitis C. Over the last ten years this has led to a host of problems, including three difficult attempts at treatments, one liver transplant, and a big heaping of hurt for my family and me.
Currently, there is new hope for me, and for us all. Those who follow these weekly updates know I am taking the newest, highly effective hepatitis C medicines, Harvoni and ribavirin, with a cure rate of over 90% for my genotype. However, there are predicted side effects. Ribavirin is the medicine with the stronger kick, as it attacks red blood cells, which leads to anemia. Fortunately, ribavirin continues for only eight more weeks. Harvoni continues for three months longer, but is more benign. 
I am grateful for this medicine. When I meditate, I spend time welcoming them and being as open as possible to their effectiveness. There is also another type of medicine at work here, that of the positive mind and open heart that helps heal the body. Deepak Chopra writes in -Quantum Healing, “... successful patients have learned to motivate their own healing...if we knew what their brains were doing to motivate their bodies we would have the basic unit of the healing process in our hands.” (p. 17)
Part of opening is being open to the power of the medicine to help heal, eating liver-friendly food, and getting outside to walk or move in any way I can. These are all healthy for my body and my mind. I love my yoga practice, which connects me with my earthly life and benevolent spirits beyond this world. The meditation and prayer that further opens me to God and healing entities is enormously nourishing, and comes to me in many forms. 
What Deepak Chopra calls “A Healing Lifestyle” in Super Brain, p. 198, is a path I follow.  Imagine my delight in seeing my general approach validated by such a respected health educator!  Using a positive approach, eating well, resting, getting moderate exercise and holistic treatments, engaging with my passions, dedicating time to yoga and meditation, and being thankful for Harvoni and  ribavirin, and especially my friends, family, our Vermont home, and this precious life.
When it comes to the mind-body connection, Chopra writes in Super Brain that healing should involve the "following basic conditions:
• The mind is contributing to getting well.
• The mind doesn’t contribute to getting sick.
• The body is in constant communication with the mind.
• This communication benefits both the physical and mental aspects of being well.
• Once the person receives treatment that he trusts, he lets go and allows the healing response to proceed naturally". (p. 200)
So, as time on this healing path moves on, I can report that I feel confident that I am leaving this decade of hepatitis behind me. Time will tell, of course, but right now it’s just how I intuitively feel, and what that intuition based on my research, knowledge, and conversations tell me. I trust this intuition, and will continue to follow where it leads me.
Anything is Possible.