Needle reuse infects millions of people every year with Hep-C and HIV. One time use syringes have been available for over 20 years but they have never been used in a widespread way. Some people think it is because powerful, wealthy Medical Manufactureres lobby and influence Governments to only use certain products, others think it is because the new technology used to create the Smart Syringe is more expensive than reusable needles, and still others think it is an intentional conspiracy to kill off people who are poor and addicted to drugs. 

James and I have tested 100s of people in rural areas of Tennessee, this is where the Hep-C virus is most prevalent and growing in the US, amongst people who inject drugs.  We tested exactly 101 people at one event and 24 of them were positive. We feel like those numbers are pretty typical for some of these areas, in fact the CDC has deemed 220 *hotspots* in the US particularly vulnerable to a Hep-C outbreak .

In the small village of Chrin, a popular medical practitioner who operated without a license, beloved by many in the village for treating those who couldn’t afford to pay. It has come to light that he reused syringes and thereby spread disease and inadvertantly caused more suffering than he relieved. 100s were infected, including a celibate monk, 19 babies and many more who were treated with a needle that had been used over and over.

Every month we hear about a situation in a hospital, nursing home or clinic where the Hepatitis-C virus has potentially infected several people, the culprit is almost always dirty syringes. 

All these scenarios have one thing in common: Dirty Needles. The World Health Organization is talking about switching to Safe Syringes, but have yet to make the move. These needles can only be used once, after the initial shot is administered the needle no longer works. 

Why arent we using these needles now?