May 14th
Off to India at last.

I am writing this at Melbourne Airport waiting for the flight to KL and then on to Chennai. This morning I got a few emails from folk who are following my diary on the Internet. Some questions about prices of the generic brands in India which I could not answer. I expect to have a clear understanding of the prices and procedures by Monday but as I find stuff out I will post what ever information I discover.

I really do hope that this blog is useful to folk. Having been through all the Hepatitis C turmoil over the last nine months and the frustration of knowing there is a good effective drug that would cure me but its so expensive that I can not afford it. So I hope this helps folk.

And I have to say (again) thank God for India; for India being brave enough to stand up to Big Pharma and make this drug available to its own people and all the other people of the world.

Our own politicians are too scared of the USA and the big multinationals even when it comes to saving the lives of 250,000 Australia citizens and saving the Australia health budget billions of dollars.

Later on the 14th
On the plane.... flying over Indonesia at 11,000 meters on Malaysian Airlines. A few hours in KL and then on to Chennai for a midnight arrival. Not at all worried about a plane crash but as I drift into that aeroplane half sleep I find myself wondering/worrying what will happen when I wake up tomorrow and go out to find a doctor in Chennai ???

  • Is there going to be some kind red tape nightmare getting the prescription?
  • What if I have to see a specialist and can not get an appointment within the time I have?
  • What if they do not accept the Australian test results and want to do their own?

There are so many things that might stall things. I’m only in India for seven days. Maybe I should have given myself more time?

But, of course, there is the other possibility that everything will go smooth and the first doctor I see will write me a prescription and the first chemist I go to will have the Sofosbuvir in stock.

I will hand him the prescription, he will hand me the tablets and all will be well. We’ll see!!!!!