Life on the other side of Hep C has been ever changing. Recovery from a long battle with Hep C and treatment was a slow progress but worth every step.

It’s been 4 ½ years since my last Hep C treatment and receiving the cure. I’ve got more energy now than ever. My blood work is fantastic. Liver enzymes all normal as well as all my other blood work. My thyroid auto immune disorder acted up on and off these past years but is finally leveled off to normal with tweaking thyroid medication. My nails are still very brittle (which prior to treatment was not the case). The hair loss I experienced with treatment did grow back but not quite as thick. I have a mild bit of neuropathy which comes and goes but I don’t let it stop me. No more treatment brain fog, a big praise. All in all, the side effects and symptoms I had with Hep C and treatment have all subsided and gone. Life is now a new normal.

Everyone’s life is precious and unique. Everyone’s life is made up of many areas and interests. Life itself is always changing, never staying the same. Seasons can last longer than others. Mine lasted over 20 years and 3 Hep C treatments before receiving the cure from Hep C.

I learned valuable life lessons through Hep C which I have learned to apply daily in my life. The lesson’s I learned through Hep C have served to season my life with flavor and richness beyond what I ever thought possible.

Since Hep C came into my life I’ve found my voice in writing, speaking and helping others get beyond Hep C. God has helped me to fit into shoes I’d never thought I’d walk in with being a Hep C patient advocate. Living through Hep C makes a person more than a survivor, it makes you a conqueror. Yet I know I have not done this on my own, God has worked in a mighty way to allow me victory over Hep C. I truly feel blessed and relieved, like David standing over Goliath.

Our lives are not defined by Hep C nor by any circumstance. Our lives are filled with many different duties, and interests as well as the up and down moments, the challenges and messiness we all encounter in life. All of us possess passions and callings in our lives. May I challenge you to get out paper and jot down some of your interests, passions and special things that you love?

Here’s a few of mine:
Small Texas rancher, sheep wrangler, donkey whisperer, passionate about ice tea, animal lover, Jesus follower, thrives on God’s word, loves encouraging others, happy feet in cowboy boots, photography buff, organization is my second language, has a crush on words and a big time book lover, music stirs my soul, knitter since age 6, wife to Mr. Fix- it whom I think hung the moon. To read a few more quirky things about me see 15 Things About Connie.

The point in my sharing a snippet of some of my passions and interests is we are all made of many different aspects of our lives. We have a bountiful blend of all that make us the interesting creatures God created. There is so much more to you than Hep C.

YOU are NOT defined by Hep C. You do not live with Hep C, it lives with YOU. There’s a big difference. Only God defines who you are and He says you are his child whom he dearly loves. You were worth dying for. You are a unique treasure. There is no one like you. Don’t wait to celebrate life my friend. You have an amazing life to live right now!

Take a moment to list a few of those wonderful passions and interests that make your heart sing. I’d love it if you’d share some with me. We can celebrate life together.

So go ahead, what’s some of your passions and interests? What makes your heart sing?

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.