In observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month, I am posting to this blog daily, highlighting websites and organizations that are doing remarkable work educating the public, raising awareness, and making a difference in the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis. I suggest you visit each site, and find out what they are doing, how you can stay informed, and possibly help with their efforts.

NATAP is the acronym for the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Program. Why am I highlighting an AIDS Advocacy program in a blog about Hepatitis Awareness Month? Because honestly, when it comes to hepatitis advocacy, Jules Levin and the folks at NATAP are indispensible. NATAP is information-central for everything related to hepatitis research. It’s also a great place for quality news. An especially good day is when Jules includes some analysis. Warning: NATAP sends a lot of information, which is great if you are a data wonk, but not for the kind of person that prefers one-sentence sound bites. If you are the former, click on this link to join NATAP’s email list. Your hepatitis awareness will mutiply a thousand-fold!

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