You see a mousetrap; I see free cheese and a challenge! ~ Scroobius Pip


This week is the 26th anniversary of my receiving a life-saving blood transfusion, along with an unintended extra ingredient--hepatitis C. For twenty-five years, hepatitis C held my liver hostage. For nearly a year, I have been virus-free, thanks to the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial using sofosbuvir (Sovaldi), ledipasvir, and ribavirin.

Living with hepatitis C has been an opportunity for free cheese and a challenge. I could have viewed having hepatitis C as being stuck in a trap, but instead it was a chance to build health. I was not going to let a virus destroy my liver without fight.

When health became my priority, hepatitis C was more of a nuisance rather than a predator. Now that I am cured, I am redoubling my commitment, and what better time than on this anniversary of hepatitis C coming in to my life to teach me how to live. I will not claim that I am perfect at this. I am a work in progress, constantly sharpening my practice. My daily goals are to:

  • Eat a healthy diet (which means I don’t eat cheese except on special occasions)
  • Get sufficient sleep 
  • Meditate 
  • Exercise
  • Have fun 
  • Help others 
  • Live mindfully
  • Avoid mousetraps

What are your goals?