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Mind is cloudy, Focus is foggy - Not talking weather my friends

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Susan Simon

I am sorry to read of your problems with HE. But please be aware that hepatic encephalopathy has nothing to do with brain fog. Many people with chronic disease, even those in early stage, experience brainfog. No one knows what causes brain fog but we do know it is NOT encephalopathy.

October 25, 2014

Shirley Coleman

Thank you so very much, for bringing attention to the documentary on H E . Sandy Sellers, is my daughter, an I know the pain that her, their son Joey an Mike, went threw. Mike, hung onto life as long as he could, but in so much pain, that it was hard to watch. One thing for sure - Mike knew he was loved, which is so important Love is just a four letter word, but the best medicine a person can have. I keep the documentary on the top of my face book wall with the picture of Mike, asking everyone to please watch this video. So little is known about this disease, that if Mike had been treated properly, he would be alive today. Again, I want to thank you for bringing attention to this documentary. Shirley Coleman

October 17, 2014

Sandy Sellers

Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our family. It's an illness unlike any other. I want the world to see the film and every ER in America. Unless you live it, you don't understand it. Even living it is hard to understand. I hate every aspect of this horrible, deadly disease. People need to do a simple blood test and get diagnosed before it's to late. Thank you Kim, love you and your such an inspiration to us. XOXO

October 17, 2014

Leigh Gregory

I am so grateful that I read this. I have Hep C genotype 1a. I was diagnosed last year yet was unable to go through the treatments at that time due to extreme weight loss so I was not a candidate for the interferon/ribavirin treatments. I have been experiencing all that you have stated and have been to the hospital 4 different times for HE. Out of 4 physicians two of them had seen/treated others for HE so they immediately knew what was happening to me. For a long time I thought I was just going crazy-until these physicians told me yes, it can happen to me too even in the category I was in. It is extremely frustrating to talk with my team of physicians sometimes. My neurologist finally labeled my brain dysfunction-chronic organic brain syndrome. I still show signs of HE and my domestic partner is very aware of what it looks like. Thank you for helping me through your words to feel that no I am not crazy. I am sick. Blessings, Leigh

September 17, 2014

Debbie Logan Romesburg

Thank you Kim for Sharing your story,Its a story that touches many and very little is shared about HE.We found that even our GI was in denial when I brought it up to him that My Husband was not the same person and having Mental Problems. I finally convinced the Dr to run tests and that is when we found out he was stage 4 Cirrhosis and Had Hempatic encephalopathy. Lucky I too Met Sandy in a support group and thankfully I learned that My Husband was experincing the same things Mike was. Thank you for bringing Light to this condition we struggle with as patients and Caregivers.

September 7, 2014


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