Are you looking at what healing is available, from within, in challenging times?

Not always easy, but attainable. Practicing appreciation in healthy times helps strengthen our resolve, but it can still be obtained when things are already compromised. Breathe, look, appreciate it all. Whatever brings that to you, try to use it - walk, exercise, meditate, garden, paint, parent lovingly, help others, realize and appreciate those in your circles of friends and family, empathize, love, listen, be in nature, do whatever resonates with you.

Think of a time, whether it was recently or long ago, when you were presented with and embraced the support you needed, in whatever form it came to you.  If you need some help, find a coach or other professionals who can help you discover or rediscover your Life Purpose and find connection with the belief that you are Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.

Personally, I have had a patch of frustration as hepatitis C continues its gradual march against my transplanted liver, and in my thwarted efforts to receive the newest, extremely effective, hepatitis treatment.  Thank you (NOT) Medicare!  This drug could very well end my ongoing battle with this life threatening virus, but my doctor’s request for me and the following appeal have both been denied.    Now I’m trying to work on the drug company itself to receive the medicine at reduced fee  or free from the $180,000 price.  I am now shouldering this lack of success, and straddled with a hospitalization from a powerful sinus infection which was suddenly operated on to alleviate booming headaches, double vision, and some potentially negative outcomes.

In the middle of this, I decided to fight back, and seek to see the beauty of all that I have, putting into practice, again, all that I have learned and taught over the years, and feel the power of that change.  So can you.

We can all be more whole, all of us. Anything is Possible.


This post first appeared on Matt Starr’s blog, January 11, 2015. To read the original blog or to learn more about Starr Wellness Coaching, click here.