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How Long Does Recovery From Hep C Treatment Take?

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thank you. .i finished about two months ago...and i feel there are days where i can barely move and feel anxious and seems i wont get better but in general i am better now then before...cant wait to feel 100

March 3, 2019

Connie M. Welch

Hi Freetobeme, Congratulations on completing your Hep C treatment. But I'm sorry you had bronchitis and feeling bad. If not for bronchitis you should have been feeling better by now, although depending on your liver condition prior to treatment (example if you have cirrhosis) it sometimes takes a bit longer to recover from treatment. Not everyone recovers at the same speed. If a patient has other medical conditions it can take a bit longer to recover from treatment. Keep us posted.

July 16, 2018 TX

Lucinda Porter, RN

Had you not acquired bronchitis, you should be feeling fine from the treatment already. However, it takes time to recover from bronchitis,

July 12, 2018 CA


I am post hep c treatment (Epclusa) x 3 weeks. Very tired, caught bronchitis. Does it take a long time to feel well again! All my labs were normal one month ago. Thank you

July 2, 2018


Very good advice. Now I can set my expectations accordingly.

February 1, 2018 Hampton, VA

Lucinda Porter, RN

Your doctor is the best place to ask medical questions. A good way to get feedback on other issues related to hep C are the Hep Forums and Help4Hep and 877 Help 4 Hep (877 435 7443).

September 10, 2016


My experience * Harvoni 12 Weeks * Clear * Medical Clear-52 Weeks * Recovery- It depends ! * Diet-Exercise-Attitude-Gratitude-Abstain from Alcohol * Spirituality-Forgiveness-Help Others by sharing your story

August 26, 2016 New York City


I have hep c and getting treatment soon and need support

July 23, 2016


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