This morning I sat on down with a meditation rug, on the back porch of my father’s Florida home, with the sounds of moving water and local birds softly entering me.  I left 45 minutes later, having practiced again the mindful, aware attention on my breath. 

I went to the kitchen, where my wife, 18 year old son, and 88 year old dad were hanging around the kitchen, talking about the week’s plans, which included jet skis, paddle boards, kayaking in the Everglades, golf, fishing, the nearby beach and the pool at dad’s place.  Active days in the warm sun, this day and week together.

What a dream realized!

There was a time, not so very long ago, when days like this seemed unlikely.  It felt like my best days were all in the bank, and whatever was remaining would be challenging and not all that fun.

What about you? Have you ever felt, due to chronic illness and disease, like hepatitis C and liver disease, that you were trapped in tunnel with no light in sight, that you had no control over the direction of your life, and that fear and the unknown had overtaken you? 


In those trying times, it can be hard to have hope for anything different. But, a shift in my attitude helped me to fight back, to spark the fires of determination that led to finding various ways to become more healthy and to heal. 

It all began with a shift in Attitude.  I realized more clearly that I had a lot to of reasons to love the life I currently lived. The biggest of those reasons is now all around me, right here.

I have my family. They offer me deep love in their own individual ways, and I am so grateful for all of them, some here, some up north. And now, with all of the work I’ve done, I feel the realization of those hopes.

Making a list of what I wanted in life despite the curve balls presented by hepatitis C and long term liver disease led me to healing strategies that helped me to fight back.

Mindful meditation has brought me enormous benefits.  I will going into the how’s, why’s and what’s of this powerful path towards health and healing in my next webinar, Mindful Meditation and Healing, April 28 at 5:00 EST.  Join me if you are interested.  To register, click here and sign up, at

What do you desire from your life?  Find those things, claim them, and work to make them happen. You might get knocked around on life’s jet skis, or tumble off of the paddleboard.  But don’t give up, get back on that board, and keep reaching for those things you want.

There are multiple ways to heal yourself.  Embrace them yourself, and know that I am there if you need support, education, encouragement, feedback, or inspiration.

Through it all, remember…

Anything is Possible