Having cirrhosis now for over a decade has left me feeling very weak.  I was never the A-class sports girl but I was fit, I was active until I got diagnosed with end stage liver disease caused by Hepatitis C. 

The signs began to show up with the inability to open jars, the milk container.  Failing to have the strength to carry anything with substantial weight.  It was frustrating to say the least. 

After curing my hep c through a trial for end stage livers in 2014 I had expected that my body would make miracle changes and I would be back to feeling great. 

Don’t get me wrong I was feeling great and had energy like I was young again.  The only issue was my physical body was not in compliance with this desire I had. My weakness continued to get worst. If I bend down (squatting) I could not get myself back to standing without help.  I was limited on my stamina as far as what I could do physically in a day.  I tired easy. 

It was not until March of this year after completing 4 rounds of rituxan (chemo) did I have a huge desire to regain my muscle and working out. I began with doing a few home workout videos in the comfort of my home.  It was grueling, I cried, I hated what I saw in the mirror.  I could see no muscle structure on myself while looking at the mirror.  However, I stayed dedicated to these workouts. I gave myself one night off a week.  A month went by, then another. 

It was July that I was stunned to realize how far I’ve come on this fitness journey.  I was now aware of things I could celebrate in my journey.... the fact I could squat down and get up on my own.  I was lifting weights I know would have been impossible to do months earlier. 

With that I decided to join a local gym, where I could go now (having full confidence) and expand my workouts using weights etc.

As of today, I am continuing to see amazing results within my body and endurance. I’m no body builder but I am regaining that muscle that was robbed from me.  I am bound and determined to do whatever it takes to help my body live with the cards dealt to me. My liver will take decades to recover from cirrhosis, but I will be there every step of the way ensuring my body be at ultimate shape and endurance 

If you are feeling weak, low stamina - it’s time to start moving.  Take it slow as things don’t improve overnight. You will hurt, be sore, but trust me... 3 months from now you will be glad you started some sort of exercise regimen.