This week I received some good news from India, that the prices of Gilead licensed generic Harvoni and generic Sofosbuvir and BMS licensed generic Daclatasvir had all dropped again.
The price for a 12 weeks treatment of licensed Generic Harvoni is now not more than US$1,000 including delivery to any place on Earth. Licensed generic Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir is  also US$1,000 including delivery.
This is amazing news given that only 8 months ago exactly the same products cost upwards of US$2,000. Of course the branded versions still cost around $80,000.
So in the USA health insurance companies refuse to cover people with Hep C because they have to pay around US$80,000 for a 12 week treatment of Harvoni. Yet it is possible for US residents to import generic Harvoni or Sof and Daclatasvir for $1,000.
If doctors in the USA would give support to their patients.
The same applies in other countries around the world. If national Hepatitis advocacy groups put pressure on their governments to improve access to generic Hep C treatment millions more people would be treated each year. But this does not happen because most of the advocacy groups are simply puppets of Big Pharma with the people running them more concerned about advancing their own careers than doing what is truly best for people with Hep C.
So around the world people are dieing because Big Pharma continues to hold entire populations to ransom with exorbitant prices that are out of the reach of most people while governments prevent their citizens from accessing generics. This is genocide.