May 16th
It’s five in the morning. I woke up about an hour ago with my body clock still on Australian time and thoughts and doubts swirling through my head. What if it is still some kind of scam. Why am I buying the Sofosbuvir from some guy who is the ’distributor’ and not just picking it up from the pharmacy? I wonder if the Doctor is really going on holidays. How did I get to see the specialist just by hanging around the waiting room? All that kind of stuff that spins through your mind when you are laying in bed in the dark wishing you were asleep. But then this is India and things run differently here.

And as you see I could not get back to sleep so I switched the light on and checked my emails.

A few folk have been reading these posts and emailing me. Strangely the first email I read said:

Hello, I had read your today’s notes. What a trip!:)

But I’m still unclear about one thing: are you planning on buying original Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400mg) or generic sofosbuvir 400mg, like MyHep or Hepcinat or others? Is it possible to buy that cheap original Sovaldi? And why do you have to go through a distributor ? Why can’t you just go to the pharmacy, with your perscription? Thank you kindly for your reply. Good luck tomorrow!-B.

That was weird because it was just what I had been laying in the dark thinking about. I have not replied to B. because I’m still thinking about it. I will contact the distributor guy today and see what the story is: and what the price is.

Another email read:

Dear Greg What do you think of this email I received?

Glad to know your inquiry at ######## Yes, You can buy Hepcinat 400mg from us. you can buy online by Register in our website. Here you can place the order directly.
You can also place the order manually here. We will provide you our Company Bank Remmitance details, As soon as we receive the payment confirmation will send your package same day by REGISTERED EMS speed Post.
Best Price : 418.70 USD / BOTTLE (including shipping)
If have any more queries, Please write us.

I replied to this email because it is almost certainly a scam because there was no mention of the requirement for a prescription:

Thanks for the email. I would be cautious because all my advice is that it illegal to sell any of the generic Sofosbuvir brands (in India) without a prescription from a medical doctor. Further it is illegal to import them without a prescription. Thirdly there are certainly a lot of scams selling fake Sofosbuvir. That all said I know nothing about this company but I would be very cautious

Anyway, these are the issues, the things that are going through my head this morning. In a way it is a summary of doing business in India, there are many very good and honest people, most are, however the dishonest ones are usually very proactive and give the good folk a bad name. I am going to try to get back to sleep now. I will post the results of how things work out today when I get back this evening.