Hep C treatment recovery is a bit different for each patient. Depending on what treatment medications, liver condition and general physical condition play a big part in recovery. We all have expectations of a speedy Hep C treatment recovery but the important factor is patience, perseverance and TIME!  Recovery is one day, one week, one month at a time.

Taking care of ourselves is extremely important during every phase of Hep C. Good nutrition, drinking lots of pure water, moderate exercise and lots of rest are key to helping our bodies rebuild after Hep C treatment. What applied back then to my Hep C treatment recovery, still applies today.

My Hep C treatment meds in 2012 were with Peg Interferon, Ribavirin and Incivek (no longer on the market). My treatment lasted 6 months.

Here is a snap shot of my Hep C Treatment Recovery I labeled: Hit the Wall

“It’s day 3 of my Hepatitis C Treatment recovery. I’m descending down the mountain from treatment. I didn’t really know what to expect or how I would feel. Secretly, I wished I could leap tall buildings with a single bound.


The first couple of days I felt what I generally do on treatment. My energy level has been up and down. On Monday night, the first 24 hours from treatment being completed, I felt a brief sinking sick feeling which only lasted for about 30 minutes. It left like it came. Hooray!


Tuesday was a good day for energy but then in the afternoon I hit a wall (energy bottomed out) and I took a long nap. Rest is reviving! I felt wilted but rest perked me right back up. Rest and Ice Tea are glorious!


Today (Wednesday) has been a horse of a different color. I did not sleep well last night. It felt like being on interferon but in reverse. Muscle and joint aches most of the night. I woke up this morning and had an ear ache, headache and slight sore throat. My energy was deflated and I feel like dragging. I have definitely hit a wall today.


By mid-morning I could tell this was not going to a happy place, so I called for an appointment with my primary doctor. I think my immune system is still low so it’s time for caution. I need to jump on this before it has a chance to lead to an infection.


Look what came across my path this morning. I knew God was speaking to my heart and reassuring me that “He” is the one leading me down the mountain of Hep C treatment recovery and for me NOT to get ahead of him. Can you relate?


I read from Max Lucado’s book, “Traveling Light” this powerful nugget,


“The bow cannot always be bent without fear of breaking. For a field to bear fruit, it must occasionally lie fallow. And for you to be healthy, you must rest. Slow down and God will heal you. He will bring rest to your mind, to your body, and most of all to your soul. He will lead you to green pastures.”


This is just a temporary bump in the road in Hep C treatment recovery. Maybe I needed a reminder to cool my jets. In any case, all I could say after I read this was, “Wow” I hear ya Lord. 


How often I get myself tied in knots over my own expectations. Rest stops are healing. The Lord has a plan in whatever phase of waiting we’re in. Thank you Lord for the reminder!

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.