A Positive Attitude and Can Do Spirit effects every part of your life and is a vital tool for good health.

A depressive state or high stress can chemically affect your health in a negative way and suppress your immune system, leaving you at greater risk for infections and other health issues. See your doctor if you are experiencing depression, or problems with anxiety or insomnia.

A support system is an important tool to help you mentally and emotionally. Good support systems can include: family, friends, church, healthcare team, and support from others who share the same liver disease. A connection with others is good for your health and well-being.

Support is very important no matter where you are at with Hep C, but especially if you are in treatment and post treatment recovery.  No matter where you live there is a variety of online and physical support groups available.

Many times due to the stigma of Hep C, patients find it hard to talk and share about their Hep C and treatment. Many feel alone, isolated, hopeless and helpless and struggle with difficulties, anxiety and depression silently. This makes fighting and winning over Hep C more difficult.

It helps to connect with others who understand what you are going through and offer understanding, encouragement, help and support. Support is important for patients and care givers alike. Support makes a big difference in your treatment and healing process and winning over Hep C.

If you are dealing with feelings of shame or stigma from Hep C, other Hep C patients and their families understand and can be a great source of encouragement. Your Hep C support group is a safe place for you to talk about how you’re feeling and dealing with Hep C, treatment and recovery. Support plays a vital role in helping you with your healing process.

To read this entry in it’s entirety, visit Life Beyond Hepatitis C; reprinted with permission.