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How to Fight Hepatitis C 8 Ways

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Hi! I'm new here & also recently learned I had hep c. All of the symptoms had progressed to absolutely unbearable before I'd admit something was wrong to myself & had to be so sick for several months before mentioning to Dr. The symptoms are still too much. I'm looking for herbal remedies, vitamins, drinks & food to help. Currently I take many herbal supplements & vitamins! My anxiety is through the roof, brain fog, nervousness, fearful with headaches that are severe. Dr prescribed lactulose.

July 18, 2017


Hi Barbara, I want to encourage you to join either the Hep C Forum here at Hep Mag or Hep C Warriors Support Group at my website, On both support groups you can connect with other Hep C patients and be warmly welcomed. Everyone there understands what you're going through. Do your research about Hep C with credible resources like Hep Mag and our website, Life Beyond Hep C. Both offer resources to help you with being newly diagnosed and what to do next. Connie

February 22, 2017


Hi Barbara, I know this is difficult, but there is great hope to get beyond this. There's a specific test that has to be ordered to find Hep C. It's not done in routine blood work, that's why it wasn't discovered until now. Many times there are no symptoms. And those that are there mimic other conditions sometimes. New Hep C treatment has a very high cure rate, less treatment time and less side effects. Move forward and get treated. We're here for you my friend. You can do this! Connie

February 22, 2017


I have been diagnosed with hep C on 1/24/17. This is the first time I have heard about having it. All the times, I've had blood tests for other factors with my health: RA, low platelets, MGUS, thyroid, and osteoporosis, and nobody had a clue. I have had knee surgery in 2012. My past, during the 1960's and 1970's was rather wild. I have no idea of how long this awful virus has been in my blood and am depressed and scared.

February 21, 2017


Hi Sam, I'm so sorry your Mom is dealing with Hep C. The right diet for Hep C can depend on what stage of liver disease the patient has. A diet made up of non-processed foods is best for all patients. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, with a good balance of protein. If she see's a liver specialist, they can recommend the right balance of protein for her condition. Drink lots of pure clean water also helps flush the body and help rid of toxins, while hydrating.

October 30, 2016

Sam sid

Hi Mr Connie, recently my mom is diagnose with Hcv we all are scared because she is a singal mom and we 4sis and 1brother only my elder sister and mom have job .we have no resources to fight with this .help us suggest the diet we easly afford ..sorry for my bad english .

October 28, 2016 Pakistan


Hi Connie i was accidentally pricked with an insulin needle that was used by hcv patient, although the needle was deeped in a gasoline before it pricked me but that has been for 3 months now, i did antibody test in 2nd month and 3rd month and it can our negative also i had felt some pain at my liver position also with broody stool ones during the 3rd month am not sure if i lost weight out of being worried or something but i have not been a weight person and also stomach upset which did come down although my stomach never stays that quiet before , so my question is am i at hight risk of being infected? since then i havnt been able to focus on anything really its been bordering me

November 4, 2015

Connie M. Welch

Hi Khan, Thank you for sharing your Hep C information. I am sorry you are having to deal with this. Good nutrition is a great way to help the body boost the immune system and help our body in the fight with Hep C. Though diet does not cure Hep C, a healthy diet goes a long way in helping our body in the fight. I have written a detailed article about diet and Hep C: You can refer to it here: 12 Healthy Diet Tips for Hepatitis C and Liver Disease Keep us posted on how you're doing. We're here for you. You are in my prayers my friend. Blessings, Connie

October 22, 2015


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