In this weeks video (Shot on January 21, 2013) Nicholson begins the update by letting viewers know that despite getting the blood work results indicating he is negative for the virus for a 2nd time his ALT liver Enzyme levels are still elevated and he has experienced some liver damage due to the disease. Some of this damage could be reversible if he is cured of the disease as the liver is the only human organ able to regenerate itself.

The main focus of this update is the health scare that Nicholson’s close friend Wayne Coleman, who is also Hepatitis C positive, was having at the time of this treatment update. Coleman, who went by the professional wrestling name of Superstar Billy Graham, is a former world champion in the art is also a former pro football player, boxer, world’s strongest man competitor and bodybuilder. He was the training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and won the title of “Best Arms” in the 1975 Pro Mr. America contest. Graham, who believes he caught Hepatitis C from the unsanitary blading practices in professional wrestling in the “bloodbath years” of the 1970?s and 1980?s had a liver transplant more than 10 years ago due to liver cirrhosis caused by the disease. He found out last year that his new liver is also in the cirrhosis stage. He had been a hepatitis C advocate since finding out he was positive for the disease.

In early 2011 Graham first became acquainted with Nicholson shortly after watching footage of Nicholson being assaulted with an unsanitary razor blade without permission in a professional wrestling match. Graham sympathized with Nicholson, knowing very well the devastating and deadly effects Hepatitis C can have.

Graham was so outraged at the WWE’s inductions of Nicholson’s assaulter (who is known to be Hepatitis C positive genotype 2 as well) into their Hall of Fame despite having knowledge of the unsanitary cutting incident he formally asked to be removed from the index of their hall of fame. Despite demanding his removal many times since they continue to ignore his requests.

Most importantly Graham is responsible for getting Nicholson on the experimental Incivek Treatment he is currently taking as it will save his life if it is effective. Nicholson views Graham (also a former preacher) as a hero.

Note: This video contains never before seen footage of Nicholson’s trip to Phoenix Arizona in the summer of 2012 to meet with Graham’s liver specialist about the effects of Incivek Triple Therapy on Hepatitis C genotype 2 patients.

Seriocity Productions’ update videos of Devon Nicholson’s experimental Hepatitis C treatment are intended for documentation, awareness and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional specializing in Hepatitis C regarding any medical questions you might have. Always consult your physician before attempting new side effect reduction techniques.

This entry was originally published on January 28, 2013. Reprinted with permission.