hepatitisc_ribbon.jpgPetra Hoffmann works and resides in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada. With an extensive background in construction, taxes, legal secretary, and real estate, as well as the entertainment industries, Petra was still searching. Searching for her passion, searching for what it was that the universe wanted of her. Then, she was diagnosed with hepatitis C.

It is Petra’s deep seeded belief that her diagnosis was “the best thing that had ever happened to her.” Subsequently, her life slowed down enough for her to realize her full potential. Petra now has her own unique one of a kind artwork shown at the Surrey Art Gallery. Her illness allowed her the time to finish her book, 11 Vials, and she is well on her way to another. Petra is also a featured article writer. Petra feels that the most important part however is the birth of a new charity, of which she is now the founder and CEO, Hepatitis C Global Initiatives. Through this new work, she now has the ability to help others like herself.

Below Petra gets interviewed herself. Questions that you would ask if you were curious about Hepatitis C and treatment.