National organizations with influence should avoid making public statements that are political. The Leaders of our Hepatitis-C organizations know that politics are always divisive. Always. Our alliances are predicated on one thing only. Eradicating the Hepatitis-C virus. When we allow our feelings to dictate our advocacy it distorts the purity of the mission and disrupts our congruity of purpose. 

As Hepatitis-C advocates, our objective should be the relief and prevention of suffering in the Hepatitis-C community. We fight a virus that doesn’t discriminate. Hep-C doesn’t care if you are black, white, conservative, liberal, poor or rich. Neither should we. 

As advocates, we must care more about the people who suffer than our own emotions, anger, political agendas, or personal beliefs. I tolerate anyone who is fighting alongside me to eradicate this virus. Period. Tolerance. That’s because I love my clients and want to see them healed. If you also have a heart to prevent and alleviate pain in Hep-C clients please put your shoulder right here touching my shoulder. Onward. 

If we allow our feelings regarding periphery issues to permeate our circle of influence we lose ground and fighting power against the real adversary: Hepatitis-C. It’s inevitable when we share political statements, even under the veil of “Hep-C concerns”, not everyone will agree, that makes us lose clout, and along with our clout, we lose our influence and ability to eradicate this virus. Our ego just became a priority over the relief of suffering in Hepatitis-C clients. 

It may be that I 100% disagree with my colleagues on religion, politics, or convictions regarding a million things but if they are looking to love on and generously serve the same people hosting this evil virus that I am, then we are valuable to each to each and need to be more concerned about the yellow people than our own pride, faith, principles or feelings. 

When a person uses their leadership position as a platform to share their convictions and feelings their reputation becomes marred. We trust just a little less. Is this connection or that engagement set in motion because of an ulterior motive or passion? Is the intention here really even about Hepatitis-C at all?

Please. We cannot allow our feelings to dictate our advocacy. Feelings are fickle, Hep-C isn’t. It’s steady and focused. As we should be.