13th September
Here is another email from someone reporting on their progress, his viral load dropped from being over two million for years to under 50 after just 15 days of treatment. This result immediately takes the pressure off the liver and allows it to begin healing itself.
HI Greg
Just an update on my viral load count.
Blood test on 27/05/15 HCV RNA IU/mL = 2,233,739
Blood test on 01/10/14 HCV RNA IU/mL = 3,900,190
Blood test on 18/12/08 HCV RNA IU/mL = 4,800,000
Treatment with 400mg Sofosbuvir and 90mg Ledipasvir daily sourced from Mesochem.
After 15 days of treatment:
Blood test on 08/Sept/15 HCV RNA IU/mL = 46 (not a typo)
Couldn’t’t be happier.
I know it is early days, but at least things are heading in the right direction.
With God’s grace, I hope this blood polluting virus’s days are numbered.
I will keep you apprised of my scheduled week 4 blood test results.
Keep up the good fight Greg.
Genotype 1a
And another one, this guy’s viral load was at 40 million and after six weeks of treatment it was less down to less than 250; he had been very sick for a long time but now he is feeling heaps better.
Hi Greg. 
Find attached the latest viral load test. I know it is not the right test which measures down to 15 so I will get another one but this one says less than 250. I think I am now into my sixth week and didn’t get this test done before as I was in Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok undergoing a quadruple bypass. I guess these things catch up with you as you age.
Anyhow this looks like good news and I will keep you posted. As I said I am going to pay for the more sensitive test as I never imagined I would be this low yet. 
Seems to be working bro and I am very happy !
So the results are flowing through, every day I hear of people whose health is improving rapidly, some who began their treatment early are reaching SVR and are feeling great after feeling sick for so many years. It is fantastic to hear all this good news and tragic that so many people are being prevented from being cured of their disease by their doctors!!!! Seriously how absurd is it that people are being blocked from accessing these life saving medicines by their doctors??? What are these doctors thinking? This is particularly the case in the UK and the USA where the medical profession is under the powerful influence of the mega-wealthy drug companies.