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Hepatitis C: When Good Things Get Better

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Mary Macken-Horarik

Grace, You are an inspiration to me and to many others with a similar problem. Keep on trucking, won't you? And thanks for the guidance on a 'road less travelled'. Mary

November 6, 2015

Grace Campbell

I'm so pleased things gave been going well, but so very sad to read about your father. losing a parent must be shattering, no matter how inevitable. The upset will affect nothing but your heart. Your results will be what they will be. You e done the hard yards, it's out of your control now. I have a strong belief that you will be fine and your results will be just what you need to hear. I'm sure your dad knew that too. I've been pretty tired this term. Not only is it our end of academic year/reporting period/presentation day/swimming lessons/2016 class formation term, it's the first one I've worked full time all year. I have lost my voice (singing with kinders today was hilarious) and doubt I can work tomorrow. But it's my first sick day all term and were it not for my lack of voice I'd still work. Fingers crossed for a great result for you even though you don't need it. :)

November 4, 2015


It's so good to hear you are doing well. I've been keeping a full workload here in my part of the world and feeling like I was losing the RIBA malaise. Up until last week when my father died. I had hoped to be able to share the hoped for good news in December. I wanted to take that worry off his shoulders. This past week has been grueling. In every way my body has reacted and I have wondered if my results might be affected by the stress of the loss and dealing with younger family members whose behavior was unbelievably awful. Today I am flying home, and have 12 hours of travel ahead of me, a load of ungraded papers to deal with, and a bone deep weariness. I'm hoping my test results will be good in December, but I will miss making that first call of jubilation.

November 3, 2015


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