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Hepatitis C: When a Virus Creates a Community

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Lucinda K. Porter, RN

You are most welcome. Good luck on your big adventure. Keep in touch!

August 10, 2014


Hi Lucinda, I just want to say "thank you" for taking time to visit the hep C forums. It's so helpful to know you're there and that hep C cures is an area you are so knowledgeable in. On Monday, August 18, 2014 I will begin s/o treatment for 12 weeks. I treated twice , cleared but relapsed, also had terrible side effects. So I'm looking forward to being cured with the new treatment and hopefully no side effects - I had enough side effects on the previous treatments to last me for a lifetime, and more, lol. I posted for the first time last night on the forum with people on the dual treatment : Solvaldi /Olysio. Thanks for being there, Sharon

August 9, 2014


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