It’s what everyone is aiming for. The great big “not detected” on your viral load (VL) results. 

Some time between week 4 and week 8 I managed to achieve it myself. When I still had a VL of 40 at week 4 I admit I was feeling pretty miserable. I wondered if I’d be one of the very few to not achieve “not detected”  while on treatment. It’s my curse, to be a bit of a worry wart. I’m often a glass half empty person. I had already started formulating Plan B, C and D. (Don’t be like me - it’s hard work! Be all sunshine and glitter and positivity.)

But I digress. The email with my results came through today and there it was. Not detected. I immediately rang my mum, then the rest of my family. Then I told my co-workers. They’re having a celebratory drink for me tonight. I’m having water. And then more water. That test result was enough to celebrate with. 

So looking into the future, I will have a VL test at end of treatment (EOT), 4 weeks post EOT and 12 weeks post EOT. Each of those, if clear, bring me closer to the holy grail. 12 weeks clear is considered a sustained virological response (SVR) and is as good as it gets. 

So now I wait. With a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and the knowledge that for the first time in 26 years I do not have hepatitis C ravaging my liver.