two-695282_640.jpgI feel sufficiently confident in everyone’s maths abilities to announce that as of tomorrow, I have two weeks left on Viekira Pak. Two more weeks of being a Viekiran. Two more weeks of the known before I launch off into the great unknown, where there are no pills, or pillboxes, or reminders, or organisation similar to that which went into the last Federal election (okay, that was a bad reference).

Thanks to everyone who chipped in with their calculation of when I should finish. Everyone pretty much agreed that it would be 7th of September, including my nurse, so that’s reassuring.

I feel quite well, apart from the obvious anaemia and bilirubin issues, so I’m interested to know if I will feel any different being off treatment. I feel well enough to purchase a return air fare to Canada for late December. My daughter lives in Vancouver so I’m heading over to see her and travel a bit. Cuba is on the itinerary too.

I have my 12 week post EOT blood tests due for the 1st December. I should get the results by the 8th December. It’s either going to be an awesome trip to celebrate, or I’m going to drown my sorrows in everything Canadian and Cuban and come back ready to fight round 2.

Either way, I do love Canada and can’t wait to go back.
(pic taken at Signal Hill, St Johns Harbour Newfoundland, looking towards the most easterly point of America - Cape  Spear )