Big Pharma Strikes Back: Family, Friends and Mister Chen.
I am writing this next instalment of my blog sitting in the back seat of a taxi driving from Udaipur to Jaipur in India. The driver artfully uses horn and steering wheel to weave his way through the traffic. Brightly decorated trucks, motorbikes carrying four or five people, tractors pulling massive loads of chaff, sacred cows wandering aimlessly across the four-lane highway bringing all traffic to a halt. With the driver’s favourite Indian music playing he gives me the promise that we will stop for lunch in an hour.
So I have pulled my laptop out and will use this time to reflect again on the events of past year and recent months.

Last night, sitting beside the sunset smeared lake in Udaipur, I learned that the trailer for the documentary that was filmed last year in Mumbai was now on the internet. It seems that this yearly cycle is still in full force as the documentary was expected to go to air at the end of 2017 but now, in April 2018, the trailer is up.

The documentary is called “Drugged” by Foxhound Productions, a USA based documentary company. As I mentioned earlier this doco focuses on Big Pharma’s activities in the USA rather than the global situation. My involvement was because they decided to use the Hepatitis C situation as a good example of how Big Pharma makes its pricing policies and to what lengths Big Pharma will go to remove competition.

USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders concludes the trailer with the comment “Big Pharma owns Washington.” He says this because it is true. Big Pharma has the resources to do whatever it wants, when ever it wants. Big Pharma can buy politicians and other people, easily. It can infiltrate social media groups, orchestrate smear campaigns and manipulate the news media.

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