When I started writing my Hepatitis C Blog back in 2015 it was mostly about my own journey to find affordable Hep C treatment and then about my healing process.

But everything got much bigger than I had ever expected so since those days I have written about lots of subjects, trying to provide useful and easy to understand information about all aspects of Hep C treatment as well as sharing the stories of people around the world who have gone down that path of treating and surviving Hepatitis C.

My story has becomes the story of everyone trying to access affordable Hep C treatment and cure that terrible disease.

Today I would like to share something from my day to day life that is very painful for me, its about the insane greed of Big Pharma and terrible despair caused by the current pricing of Hep C medication, even the generic Hep C medication.

Hepatitis C could be totally eliminated from the planet if it was not for the obscene greed that keeps medication prices high.

Every day I get emails from people who live in such impoverished conditions that even the cheapest generic Hep C medication is totally beyond their reach.

Hi Greg

I have just found your Hepatitis C support website and I would like to ask about getting the medicines.

I learned that I have Hepatitis C about a year ago.

I see that you offer a very good price of US$350 for treatment for poor people but for me it is almost impossible.

My pay in only 20,000 naira per month, about US$60 per month.

How can I get the medicine I need to cure this disease?

Respectfully yours


So, what can I do? Certainly I could reduce the price by subsidising it myself. I could even provide the medication for free to a few people, but I could not do this for everyone who needs Hep C medication, not even to one out of the ten or more people who write to me each day asking for help.

The reality is that I cannot give away free medication. Even if I sold my home and everything I own I could not supply even one hundred thousandth of the medication needed. Click here to read this blog in its entirety...

Greg’s blog is reprinted with permission, and the opinions expressed are entirely his.