One of the amazing things about the work that I do in today’s world is that, via the internet, I hear from people from every country on Earth who are seeking a treatment for hepatitis C.

Like the internet, hepatitis C is everywhere.

Unlike the internet, only a privileged few have access to affordable treatment.

Whilst a poor farmer in the Philippines or Nigeria or Hungary can access the internet they can not access hepatitis C treatment.

In most countries around the world, even the poorest people can access the internet for a few dollars a month, a fraction of their monthly wages. However, access to even the cheapest Hep C treatment will cost the total of many months’ wages for the poor folk.

Every day I get emails from poor people from every country, from the USA, from Africa, from Europe who can not even afford generic Hepatitis C treatment.

A fortunate few have relatives living in wealthy countries who can find the money to pay for their treatment.

Below is a story of a daughter who saved her Hungarian stepmother who was dying from Hep C.

Like many Eastern European countries, Hungary theoretically has a free health care service; however access to expensive treatments such as the new hepatitis C treatments is extremely limited in Hungary. A person needs to be admitted to a hospital to receive hep C treatment in Hungary, but to be admitted to a hospital there is a long waiting list and only the sickest will be admitted, and even then it is likely that they will be treated with Interferon rather than DAAs.

Yet Hungarian doctors do not make their patients aware that good quality generic hepatitis C treatments are available nor does the Hungarian health system allow people to access generic hepatitis C treatment. I do occasionally send generic hep C medication to Hungary but not often because there is a general lack of awareness of the availability of these affordable hep C treatment.

So the story below is a happy one, with a happy ending but it is an exception; most Hungarians with hepatitis C will not get treatment.

I have shortened the email conversation thread to make it easier to read. Obviously there were quite a few emails back and forth before the treatment began.

A Cry For Help

Dear Greg Jefferys!!

I am writing on behalf of my father’s wife Edith from Hungary, because my English is ok.

We are so glad to read on your website: there seems great hope about the possibility of curing Edith’s Hep C infection, genotype 1, subtype 1b !

Edith is born in 1958. She probably got the infection with Hep C at the age of 22, when she got blood products (blood bags) in a tubal pregnancy operation in a hospital in Hungary.

So she might carry the virus 38 years.

I am sending attached a medical report from 2010, made in Germany.

In 2014 my father had heard about new medications which would be unaffordable.

Then he heard about the Indian Generics, and recently told me it could be a possibility to travel to India and try to get them. I started researching and directly found your website!!!

Could it really be so easy-with your help to get the medication by mail?

It would be absolutely fantastic!!!

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