14th September 2015
Well its almost one month since I finished my treatment. One year ago I was so weak that I often spent most of the day in bed.
Yesterday I went trout fishing in my kayak up the Huon River. I carried my 25 kilo kayak down a steep bank to the river then paddled about 3 kilometers upstream against a strong current, got out of the kayak and fished from the rocks amongst the rapids, paddled across the rapids and then fished for a couple of hours before carrying my kayak back up the bank and putting it onto the roof racks of my ute.
A year ago my nose bled spontaneously several times a day, the slightest bump caused blotches to appear under my skin, the slightest scratch caused me to bleed. My legs often cramped up so badly it was hard to straighten them out.
A year ago my liver was swollen and my liver function tests caused two liver specialists to believe that I had liver cancer and my viral load was around one million.
A year ago I could not think clearly and my memory was faulty. I was in “the fog”.
Today I am starting back on my PhD, my nose has not bled for two months, my mind is clear, my liver function tests indicate my liver is in premium health, ultra sound scans show no sign of liver damage or cancer or cirrhosis. My viral load have been “undetectable” for more than 8 weeks.
Yes I am cured and it was easy and it was quick. Thanks to Hep C treatment using Indian Generic Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin and my GP who happily supervised my treatment and the nurse at the Hobart Liver Clinic who was extremely supportive. No thanks to Gilead, no thanks to our government, no thanks to the liver specialist who told me I should wait for the new drugs to become available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (they are still not available).
Thanks especially to India.
Right now around the world people with Hep C are desperate to access these new medicines, desperate to cure themselves. The cure is there now, it is accessible and it is easily affordable for many people (sadly not all).
Yet a large number of narrow minded or ill informed doctors are telling their patients to wait, telling their patients not to trust Indian generics while offering no logical reason why Indian generics can not be trusted. Offering no alternative solution for a cure for their patients.
Fortunately there are a growing number of enlightened and informed doctors, specialists and clinics who are supporting their patients and prescribing these life saving drugs. If your doctor will not support you then find another doctor, one who is up to date and actually cares about your long term health.
If you want information on how to get generic Hep C medicines from India or China just email me. (To email Greg, this link takes you to his site - once there, scroll to the end and click on “email me”) I offer this information completely free for the benefit of all people with Hep C.
I wish you good health.